…and return home

…and return home

and return home paints the story of a journey, not unlike that of the prodigal son. In the beginning the wanderer is lost in a frozen night. He is beckoned to open his eyes, cease his dreaming, and come home to reality. This piece is based on two motives. The first motive is introduced by the sopranos and then immediately restated by tenors and basses in harmony. The second motive is stated by the sopranos and altos, followed by a response from the tenors and basses. At the climax of the piece, the two motives are interwoven, with the first motive in the sopranos and basses and the second in the altos and tenors.

Lyrics by Josh Ring (2013):

Asleep in frozen fields, Alone in vast oceans deep
Moonlight glows against clear snow, And all the world softly sings
Awaken weary sleeper, Close not your heavy eyes
Awaken burdened trav’ler, Cast down your might load
Arise from lands of dreams and return home

Lost in frozen fields, But stars will lead you home
Awaken weary sleeper, Close not your heavy eyes
Arise from lands of dreams and return home
Through valleys long and low to journey near,
And mountains far and wide that stretch to the skies.
On and on and on through heavens and oceans deep
(Through valleys near and mountains far, through heavens and oceans deep)
Arise, Return, Come home

Not all who wander are lost, Not all the blind can’t see
Dare to take a chance, And follow the stars
Awaken, and return, Come home.

Year: 2015

Large Ensemble

Duration: 6'00"

For: SATB choir with optional piano


Composers Recital, April 15, 2015, NIU; ad hoc student ensemble, Nicole Tolentino – conductor.

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