Dreams and Memories

Dreams and Memories

What is necessary for something to be considered ‘real?’ Each of us experience a myriad of events every day that most of us would consider to be mere fantasy, and not reality: stories, movies, daydreams, nightmares, and even the recollection of past memories. Dreams and Memories was inspired by this divide of fictional versus factual, between truth and imaginary. For even though these events may not be real, they still hold a strong influence over us. And if something can affect us, how can it not be real?

In Dreams and Memories the saxophone and piano parts are seemingly unrelated, but throughout the piece they momentarily intertwine and subtly influence the other.

Year: 2015


Duration: 6'50"

For: alto saxophone and piano


Josh Ring Composition Recital, April 5, 2016, NIU; Lenard Simpson – alto saxophone, Josh Ring – piano.

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