Inside each of us resides the power and the potential for both good and evil. For anger, resentment, and pride, or for patience, hope, and love. The side that shines brighter is the one we consciously fuel. Luminosity is built upon these two fundamental but entirely opposing traits within each of us. After an aleatoric introduction, the piece opens with themes of peace – each being similar but still unique. Later these are contrasted with the chaotic melodies, with the aleatory returning occasionally. Each theme is matured and warped with each presentation – eventually with multiple themes being presented simultaneously – as each side attempts to gain dominance over the other. Which side will you let shine brighter within yourself? For each new day is another chance to fuel the good, or to fuel the evil.

Year: 2016

Large Ensemble

Duration: 11'15"

For: wind symphony


Reading Session, April 25 & 27, 2016, NIU; NIU Wind Symphony, Thomas Bough – conductor.

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