Reflections was composed to showcase many of the possibilities of the euphonium. Utilizing the extreme highs and lows of its range, the euphonium sings through flowing melodies and is clear and articulate on fast passages. The piano accompaniment is derived from parallel tritones and diminished seventh chords. Reflections is a programmatic piece that highlights the points of self-reflection. In the beginning of the reflection, all is calm and peaceful. Deeper into the reflection, the harshness of life emerges and all becomes chaotic. However, in the middle of all the chaos, peace can still be found, even though the chaos will still continue. At the end of it all, the overall reflection is still calm and peaceful, even though a few twists remain.

Year: 2011


Duration: 6'50"

For: euphonium and piano


Sam Stauffer Junior Recital, November 12, 2012, Illinois State University; Sam Stauffer – euphonium, Nancy Pounds – piano.
Guest Artist Recital, April 7, 2012, Northminster Presbyterian Church in Peoria, IL; Sam Stauffer – euphonium, Josh Ring – piano.
Composers of Olivet Concert, February 8, 2011, ONU; Sam Stauffer – euphonium, Josh Ring – piano.

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